Database as a Service (DBaaS)

Databases on demand

Add capacity to your database applications with fully scalable DBaaS.

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Build your databases without the admin

Managing your databases on an ongoing basis requires resources and know-how. DBaaS gives you both. You'll get the system-tailored performance and availability you need without the added maintenance and admin. Use our cloud-based database services to easily and quickly set up highly available database capacities and secure your critical infrastructure.

When you choose DBaaS, you benefit from the expertise of our operations team — in the configuration of your resources as well as the maintenance and monitoring. This gives you more control, especially during peak loads or when your capacities need to be adjusted automatically.

Database performance

Scale to your needs at any time

Data volumes have been increasing for years, and with them the need for scalable computing resources. This is why high-performance, low-latency databases are indispensable in ensuring your operative IT systems run seamlessly. DBaaS provides just what you need — a database management system designed for all kinds of demanding production environments.

Choosing DBaaS means less admin. We install and provision your cloud database, guarantee its availability, carry out any needed updates. This'll help you free up in-house resources, saving you money in the mid-term.

DBaaS gives you the resources you need, when you need them — billed transparently on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Database scaling

Simplify database management

Deploy quickly

DBaaS can be set up on demand according to your exact specifications, giving you the database capacity you need, precisely when you need it.

Integrate easily

Build your databases using the Data Center Designer's intuitive GUI or connect using a Cloud REST API.

Scale anytime

Scale resources anytime if your needs or your project demands change.

Tailor your databases to your requirements


Transform database management with PostgreSQL. This open-platform, open-source solution can be customised to your individual demands.

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Benefit from a fast and scalable document model for complex applications with MongoDB, a popular NoSQL database system.

Managed Database

Our product experts will work with you to optimise your database operations and find solutions that'll fit your needs.

Upcoming Releases

We are constantly working to expand our range of SQL and NoSQL databases. Watch this space for further updates!

Scale your database to your use case

Learn how IONOS Cloud DBaaS can help you meet your project or IT goals.

Easy cloud migration

Migrate existing database structures to the IONOS Cloud and benefit from maximum scalability. DBaaS provides you with ready-to-use managed database resources that are highly available and fully adaptable.

Modernizing your IT infrastructure

Consolidate your IT on a single platform and modernize your entire digital infrastructure. Benefit from a high degree of standardization and automation, leaving you more time to concentrate on your core business. DBaaS now features a completely new framework for maximum operational process efficiency.

Sustainable cost reduction

Start transforming your IT infrastructure and pay only for the resources you actually need. With DBaaS, you'll profit from the flexibility and cost efficiency of a cloud that's tailored to you. Shift your CapEx to OpEx — and start right away with considerably lower upfront costs.

Building advanced apps and services

Our patented Data Center Designer (DCD) allows you to set up your databases easily and quickly. Featuring an intuitive user interface and various automation tools including auto-provisioning and scaling, the DCD frees up your time, allowing you to focus on your applications or web services.

Awards & recognition

ISG Provider Lens 2023

Proven once again: Leader in the public cloud segment

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ISG Provider Lens 2023

IONOS is Germany's leading provider of IaaS/PaaS solutions with customised services at unbeatable prices.

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ISG Provider Lens 2022

Leader in the public cloud segment for the second time in a row

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ISG Provider Lens 2022

IONOS is Germany's most successful IaaS provider, expanding through organic growth and strategic acquisitions.

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ISG Provider Lens 2021

From rising star to leader in the public cloud segment

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ISG Provider Lens 2021

Leading providers like IONOS, Germany's top cloud provider, offer attractive, innovative products with strong market positions and great value.

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ISG Provider Lens 2020

Rising star in the IaaS segment for the second time in a row

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ISG Provider Lens 2020

The powerful, flexible and cost-effective cloud for European SMEs has enabled IONOS to improve its position as a 'Rising Star'.

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ISG Provider Lens 2019

For the first time: Rising Star in the IaaS segment

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ISG Provider Lens 2019

Rising Stars are up-and-coming companies. IONOS offers an attractive public cloud with a good price-performance ratio and local data protection.

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