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Managed Network Load Balancer

Seamless cloud scaling with network load balancing

Your virtual data center workloads can fluctuate, increasing the risk of downtime. By automatically distributing the load over several servers, the IONOS Cloud Network Load Balancer can minimize disruption during scaling — keeping your cloud operating as needed when demand peaks.

The service is managed, meaning we’ll take care of load balancer admin for you.

Load Balancer autoscaling

Load balancing for effective multi-layer protection

Increase the redundancy of your cloud applications with an additional layer that prevents single points of failure. The IONOS Cloud Managed Network Load Balancer distributes network traffic across several endpoints, according to the rules you define. The process can be automated at any time.

The load balancer uses different algorithms that apply forwarding rules via Round Robin, Least Connection, Source IP or Random.

Specific endpoints can be excluded from load balancer monitoring, e.g. to perform maintenance work.

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Features at a glance

Health checks

The load balancer uses adjustable metrics to perform independent health checks. Use timeout tracking or maintenance mode whenever needed. Put your VMs on maintenance mode to temporarily exclude them from monitoring.


By applying different static and dynamic algorithms depending on the situation, you can automatically distribute traffic according to freely definable rules. Choose from Round Robin, Least Connections, Random and Source IP.

Multiple IPs

Define specific IP addresses as needed, each with its own forwarding rules, by specifying multiple listener IPs. This allows you to balance different VMs within the same LAN using the network load balancer. You decide which algorithm to use for which IP.

Freely configurable rules

To ensure the highest possible availability of your cloud infrastructure, you get full control over the rules used. Define the configuration that makes the most sense for your infrastructure and adjust at any time.

Sticky sessions

Sticky sessions optimize network resource usage. Each user is assigned a tracking ID that’s valid for the duration of their session. This means that personalized apps can still be used reliably during peak loads.

Recovery mechanism

If there's an outage, the service will be restored within minutes. The network load balancer will be high availability-ready with the next version. Existing systems will then automatically receive this feature.


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Resources and documentation

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