The IONOS Startup Program
The cloud that grows with your business

Ready to level up? Move to the cloud step-by-step, or scale at full speed – we've got you covered.

  • $5,000 to spend on IONOS products
  • Individual support from cloud experts
  • Secure solutions, hosted sustainably
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Grow with the IONOS Startup Program

IONOS Cloud and exciting startups go hand in hand.

$5k worth of cloud services

Save $5,000 during the startup phase while you secure more funding.

Cloud consultants

Our experts help optimize our cloud architecture for your venture.

Personal account management

Receive tailored advice from our account management experts.

Tailored product bundles

Get custom bundles of server and cloud solutions.

Added marketing value

Grow your reach with joint marketing, e.g. our success stories.

Proven success

Join startups like Mooncamp and leverage the IONOS Cloud platform.

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Report Cloud Spectator Compute and Storage
Report Cloud Spectator Storage
IONOS Cloud: outstanding price-performance
  • 70% better (on average) compute performance than the competition

  • SSD storage that outperforms leading competitors, both read and write

  • Premium SSD storage that delivers more in performance per dollar than leading competitors

  • Standard SSD storage that delivers a quality entry into high-performance SSD storage at close to HDD prices.

Success powered by the IONOS Cloud

CROMIND Technologies GmbH

“As a provider of a cloud-based ERP system, we deal with sensitive customer data on a daily basis. We want our customers to feel sure that their data is in safe hands. That’s why we chose a cloud service in Germany. IONOS was the best choice for us.”

Isabella Stegmann Pineda



"As a German company with complex e-commerce platforms, we place very high value on data protection for all our customers' data.For this reason, we only use cloud data centers in Germany, making IONOS the ideal partner.“

Philipp Thom

CEO & Founder

Xayn AG

"Our privacy-protecting search engine is Europe’s answer to Silicon Valley’s rampant data harvesting. For us, privacy is the foundation for everything we do — that’s why we’ve been on an intense search for the right European cloud provider. With IONOS, we have finally found a partner we can rely on.“

Leif-Nissen Lundbæk

CEO & Co-founder

Participation requirements

You need to meet the following requirements to take part in the IONOS Startup Program:

  • Apply within 5 years of founding
  • Have a valid LinkedIn page
  • Have proof of business registration
  • Have a company website
  • Agree to participate once
  • Accept 12-month Term for Start-up Program

Apply to join the IONOS Startup Program

Interested? Fill out the contact form to apply. Applying to join the Program does not result in immediate acceptance. Winning participants will be chosen at the sole discretion of IONOS Cloud Inc.