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Cloud Computing

The future of dedicated servers

The dedicated server reinvented with all the features you crave — full API control, load balancing, 8-minute deployment — paired with transparent pay-as-you-go billing.

Enjoy a level of flexibility only previously possible in the virtual cloud. And, as always, you can still count on 100% dedicated server performance.

All of our servers come with RAID technology so that your business-critical data is safe and accessible when needed.

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Latest storage and processor technology

Advanced data center-grade storage technology and the latest generation of processors ensure enhanced server performance, scalability and blazing-fast data access times. Choose from high-capacity HDD storage, reliable SSD or high-speed NVMe options.

A range of reliable Intel® processors from the Xeon® E3 up to high-end scalable Xeon® Gold and Silver CPUs provide the ideal platform for any workload.

AMD fan? Configure your server with a range of AMD Ryzen Pro and Epyc processors that supply peak performance, no matter the use case.

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100% dedicated hardware

You don't have to share if you don't want to. Configure your own server with a range of CPU, RAM and storage options — all on 100% dedicated hardware.
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API & cloud integration

All dedicated servers offer convenient API control. Share your access loads and connect your dedicated server with virtual machines to build customized infrastructure.
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Unlimited traffic

Unlimited traffic is free and applies to both incoming and outgoing data. Fast, 1 Gbit/s bandwidth is available as standard.

Our server options

Choose between high-performing Intel® and AMD processors or save with our server deals.
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AMD servers

Discover our new line of AMD servers featuring the latest Ryzen Pro and Epyc processors — ideal for applications that require multiple cores.
See AMD servers
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Intel® servers

Learn more about our scalable Intel servers with the latest Intel® Xeon® processors.
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Reliable and secure network

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Advanced firewall

Traffic is filtered through an advanced IP firewall. This ensures that DDoS attacks are intercepted before they reach your server. Fully configurable in the control panel.
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    Extended security

    Your servers are protected by the latest SIEM and IDS/IPS technologies, as well as our central firewall. Backups can be created at any time and saved forever, so you never lose data.
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      US data centers

      IONOS has data centers located in the US and around the world. Our data centers meet the highest safety and security standards, as confirmed by our ISO 27001 certification.

        Ideal uses for your dedicated server

        Running websites with high performance demands

        Operating medium-sized eCommerce sites

        Extending dedicated hardware with cloud functionality

        Everything else from local IT infrastructure to remote server solutions

        Dedicated servers

        FAQ – Frequently asked questions

        A dedicated server is one that the user has exclusive access to. In other words, the installed resources and components (CPU, RAM, storage, network access, etc.) are exclusively available to a single dedicated server user.

        The advantages of this are:

        • There are no other users depending on your hardware
        • The price/performance ratio of dedicated servers is better than that of virtual servers
        • A high level of computing power is available

        The special features of IONOS dedicated server hosting are:

        • Flexibility – With IONOS, users can rent dedicated servers on demand. There is no minimum contract term, and our services are available within minutes of purchasing.
        • Functionality – With our Cloud Panel, you can add numerous cloud features, such as shared storage or a load balancer, to your environment at any time.
        • Support – Users can benefit from our exceptional service and receive a personal contact who will provide advice and assistance with any technical challenges or configuration questions you might have.

        Unlike a dedicated server, a private cloud is a virtualized environment.

        The latter is suitable if you operate multiple logically separate, individual software applications on their own hardware which do not require many resources.

        If you run a larger or performance-intensive application on your hardware, a dedicated server is recommended.

        • … cPanel?

        Not yet, we're working on it! Soon you'll be able to enjoy the advantages of cPanel when using our products.

        • … WHM?

        No, not currently.

        • … static IP addresses?

        Yes, your server has a static IPv4 address.

        • … multiple IP addresses?

        Yes, our users can either use additional IPv4 addresses for a fee or set up a free IPv6 subnet to their server product.

        • … SSD?

        Yes, our dedicated hosting server offers the following media storage options:

        • HDD
        • (SATA) SSD
        • NVMe SSD

        SSD is an electronic storage media without any moving parts. Data is read and written much faster than with conventional HDD hard disks.

        • … Plesk?

        Yes, your server administration can be done with Plesk Obsidian on request. You can also order an unlimited number of domains for your server.

        The access to your system and your information takes place…

        • with Linux servers via an encrypted connection with SSH
        • with Windows servers via RDP.

        Should a problem occur with the network or the firewall, a KVM VNC console is also available to ensure access.

        Since this is a product with root access, you are free to install applications of your choice (within the scope of the general terms and conditions). Dedicated server use cases include:

        • web servers
        • email marketing platforms
        • game servers
        • video streaming platforms
        • building a forum or a community
        • as development environments for online stores with:

        WordPress with WooCommerce

        • Magento
        • PrestaShop
        • Shopify
        • and more

        Yes, virtualization using a hypervisor or virtual machine monitor (VMM) is possible with all IONOS dedicated server plans that include Intel Scalable processors and AMD Epyc processors. The corresponding packages come with the technical foundation required to create virtual machines on your dedicated server using a hypervisor and to manage their resources. In addition, you can use almost any hypervisor except for Hyper-V. Due to Microsoft’s license terms, you cannot currently use Hyper-V as a hypervisor in combination with IONOS dedicated server plans.

        Thanks to the hypervisor or virtual machine monitor (VMM), you can set up several different, completely isolated virtual machines with various operating systems. You can operate them in parallel on a single host system (in this case, it would be on your dedicated server). The virtual servers share their powerful hardware resources (processing power, RAM, disk space, network components), but cannot access files from another virtual machine that is running in parallel. This ensures that only individual virtual machines are affected if there is a program error or contamination during software testing, for example. The other virtual machines or test environments being managed on your dedicated server using a hypervisor remain protected and continue to work uninterrupted.

        General information on hypervisors is also available in the Help Center.

        Extensive information on the topic of virtualization can also be found in our Digital Guide.

        This is a perfectly valid question. What both products have in common is that they offer the respective user a very high level of performance. The dedicated hosting server product is an extension of our shared web hosting offer, where users receive a web server managed by IONOS. Users get hardware for the operation of their website applications that they do not have to share with anyone. The dedicated server — whose computing power and resources are entirely exclusive — is distinguished by its root access to the system and the ability to install and administer all applications yourself. Dedicated server hosting, on the other hand, offers enormous performance capacity, which is provided by software administered by us (OS, web server, database, SFTP, etc.).

        Shared hosting

        Hardware: shared use

        • OS administration: hosting provider
        • Access option: control panel
        • Typical application: website

        Dedicated hosting

        • Hardware: sole use
        • OS administration: hosting provider
        • Access option: control panel
        • Typical application: large website

        Dedicated server

        • Hardware: sole use
        • OS administration: user
        • Access option: root
        • Typical application: any application

        The following options contribute to the effective data protection of your business-critical services:

        • Your data traffic with the server is encrypted as long as you establish a domain secured with the included SSL Wildcard Certificate.
        • In the Cloud Panel, you define the rules for your firewall yourself.
        • Our network is equipped with extensive intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems.
        • Our SIEM software constantly monitors and analyzes security alerts, guaranteeing users high availability and secure products.
        • Our data centers are ISO certified according to strict standards.
        • 100 % protection against DDOS attacks is currently not possible.

        Details of the scope of support can be found in the following Help Center article.