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Container workloads in expert hands

The ideal platform for demanding, highly scalable container applications. Managed Kubernetes works with many cloud-native solutions and includes 24/7 expert support.

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Flexible cloud infrastructure

Unmatched precision and performance

Master container application orchestration in distributed production environments with IONOS Cloud Managed Kubernetes. You’ll start with a range of integrated tools, plus expert support to ensure you make optimal use of the powerful infrastructure. Peak security and transparency are a given, and you’ll control operations with less admin.

The best part? You’ll only be charged for resources you’ve actually provisioned in the node pools — the control plane and clusters are completely free.

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Scaling for demanding workloads

IONOS Cloud Managed Kubernetes features auto-scaling for added stability and availability. Horizontal scaling incorporates additional containers, or releases unneeded resources as required. This ensures consistent performance across loads while simultaneously lowering costs.

Fault-tolerant architecture

Managed Kubernetes is tailored to work in IONOS Cloud virtual data centers. Georedundant distribution guarantees maximum cluster reliability and availability.

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Efficient building

The K8s service integrates control functions for container-based applications into the IONOS Cloud ecosystem, providing maximum convenience, security and flexibility for configuring your production environment.

Automated updates

So you don't have to worry about keeping Kubernetes up to date, Managed Kubernetes automatically takes care of updates and security fixes. You choose when the updates are made.

Suitable for beginners and pros

Whatever your experience level, Managed Kubernetes enables you to exploit the full power of container orchestration without the time-consuming admin. Free yourself from continuous monitoring, updates and maintenance routines. And the managed service is free, meaning both more productivity and less of a burden on your resources.

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K8s-as-a-Service supports the fully automated setup of Kubernetes clusters on IONOS Cloud virtual servers and prevents performance loss due to over-provisioning. Instead of using pre-packaged instances, you can flexibly configure your worker nodes on high-performance infrastructure.

Adapt all properties to your needs: number of CPU per node, CPU type, RAM per node, storage size per node, storage type and, if needed, the storage performance class. The managed solution from IONOS Cloud provides all the functions needed for trouble-free Kubernetes cluster operation.

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Managed Kubernetes features

Resilience through auto-scaling

Auto-scaling ensures the high availability of your Kubernetes deployments while keeping costs down. It comes into play when a node’s resources aren’t sufficient to run the containers and Kubernetes needs to add more worker nodes to the pool.

Precisely define the number of nodes

The initial quantity, the maximum and the minimum number of nodes within a node pool can all be defined. This reduces costs and stops the service from draining too many resources, while ensuring that the platform has sufficient capacity to start. This is useful if the service has temporary spikes which last for less time than it would take to scale up.

Futureproof storage

Fully integrated persistent data storage is available thanks to integration into the IONOS Cloud ecosystem. The pre-installed CSI-based IONOS storage class allows you to provision stateful applications and stateless web servers. Persistent volumes are automatically created through a persistent volume claim.

Easy integration and automation

For the automation needed in everyday operations, the integration of Kubernetes into CI/CD is done via the Cloud API. IONOS Cloud provides various SDKs and config management tools that simplify the integration of IONOS Cloud and Managed Kubernetes.

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Satisfied Managed Kubernetes customers

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FTAPI Software GmbH

"FTAPI uses Managed Kubernetes from IONOS Cloud to adapt and secure data transfers for medium-sized European companies."

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Your container’s computing and storage resources

1 Core

Choose between AMD & Intel® Core™

from$0.024per hour
template$0.0071per hour
1 GB Storage

Choose between HDD & SSD

from$0.0533per 30 days
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Provision and deploy K8s clusters in minutes

Try out Managed Kuber­netes with no restrictions. New customers start with $500 in credit for the first 30 days. There's no obligation to buy or any hidden fees.

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Create your admin account in just a few simple steps. It's protected via 2-factor authentication.

Simple setup

Create your node pools in the DCD hassle-free. Provision and deploy your first container quickly and easily using admin API access.

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Once configuration is finished, you can start operating within a few minutes.

Managed Kubernetes

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

IONOS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, the Google Cloud Platform and other cloud providers offer Kubernetes-as-a-Service. However, their aims and approaches sometimes vary considerably. The quality of service and the platform's stability, performance, and active participation within the cloud-native community are all distinguishing factors.

IONOS focuses on managed services that simplify the use of software containers and Kubernetes as an orchestration tool. The IONOS Compute Engine prides itself in particular on its proximity to the end-user. The user's feedback is continuously incorporated into Managed Kubernetes' further development.

A central component of Managed Kubernetes is visual cluster and node pool management. On the one hand, Managed Kubernetes can be managed conveniently via the Kubernetes API, but it is also firmly integrated into IONOS Compute Engine's Data Center Designer (DCD). DCD enables you to create Kubernetes clusters and node pools, or delete them directly from the IONOS Compute Engine graphical user interface. The master node remains geographically redundant, while the customer decides where to set up their node pools.

The DCD integration perfectly rounds off Kubernetes' possible applications in the IONOS Compute Engine environment. It enables a quick overview of the existing Managed Kubernetes clusters at any time – both graphically in the DCD and via a large number of API calls.

Exciting new functions are constantly being introduced. In the future, users will be able to…

  • select versions of Kubernetes directly in the Data Center Designer (DCD) and make them available for clusters
  • use an upgrade button to install the latest version of Kubernetes
  • set a preferred time window for patch version updates (exception: urgent security updates cannot be delayed)
  • carry out all the above settings either by cluster or by node pool
  • replace non-functioning nodes via Auto Repair

IONOS offers Managed Kubernetes as a free service. You only pay for computing and storage resources that the Kubernetes nodes need for containers. Thanks to the transparent pricing structure of IONOS Compute Engine, there are only four price points:

  • Computing: cores from $0.0240 per hour
  • RAM: $0.0071 per GB per hour
  • Block Storage: from $0.0533 per GB per 30 days (choose from HDD or SSD)
  • Traffic: from $0.09 per GB outgoing data transfer

Kubernetes is a great tool. IONOS makes it much simpler to use by taking on time-consuming processes such as updates.

Managed Kubernetes from IONOS offers you…

  • stable and reliable container management
  • more flexibility and agility for faster feature roll-outs, services and fixes
  • easy scalability and adjustments in real-time
  • resources conservation, since less specialized personnel is required
  • more efficiency and less effort because there are no proprietary, labor-intensive add-ons
  • a constant feedback process, making Kubernetes even more useful for you
  • Kubernetes clusters, which can be created either via API or set up with our graphical Data Center Designer (DCD) and clearly displayed
  • self-repairing nodes and extensive API calls for a comprehensive overview