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Discover a selection of partner solutions that are specifically tailored for use together with or directly in the IONOS Cloud. By leveraging these solutions, you and your customers can stay up to date with the latest technologies and advancements. Our selection is regularly updated, so it's worth checking back periodically to explore new additions.

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Cloud Backup

Minimize data loss in your customers’ infrastructure and workloads by utilizing the best backup technology available. Employ full image backups and/or incremental backups to ensure that no information is lost while backing up customer data.

Malware Scanner

G DATA provides a cloud-based IT security service called “Verdict as a Service”. This on-demand service checks files online for malicious software and then sends the results to the administrator, who can decide how to proceed. Fast and highly scalable, this service is able to meet varying levels of demand.

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Virtual firewall

WatchGuard FireboxV combines virtualization with top-notch network security. This service offers real-time monitoring, multi-WAN support, and scalable solutions that are suitable for businesses of any size. With FireboxV, you can ensure that your virtual environment is just as secure as your physical one.

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Managed MongoDB

MongoDB is a document-based NoSQL database system that ensures complete data integrity, providing you with maximum flexibility in handling and modelling your data.


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GitLab as a Service

codecentric is an agile software development consulting company that specializes in GitLab and has 16 locations. By using GitLab as a Service in the IONOS Cloud, development projects can be optimized and accelerated using a modern, integrated DevOps platform.

Development Platform
plmcare® SaaS Digital Transformation Campus

MRT specializes in modernizing, transforming, and automating its clients' product development processes. By utilizing smart data, MRT is able to create more efficient workflows, conserve resources, and increase both efficiency and quality. Their plmcare® SaaS Digital Transformation Campus allows customers to focus on redesigning their business’ product lifecycle management (PLM) from day one. plmcare® takes advantage of the features and B2B services of IONOS while placing equal emphasis on resilience, sovereignty, and sustainability.

Platform Service
Managed Stackable Data Platform

Stackable - your data, your platform - The Stackable data platform is a modular open-source data platform. It offers a selection of the best open-source data apps such as Apache Kafka®, Apache Druid, Trino and Apache Spark™.

Container Orchestration
Managed OpenShift

Eviden Managed OpenShift is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that is fully managed and includes a framework for developing cloud-based applications built on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP). This managed OpenShift service is compatible with hybrid, edge, private, and public cloud infrastructures. As one of the few Red Hat Premier Global System Integrator Partners, Eviden offers OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) as a completely managed and scalable service. This service is built on IONOS Cloud and gives customers the opportunity to devote their own resources and expertise to cloud transformation and cloud-native application development.

Business Applications

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Virtual desktop infrastructure

oneclick™ offers customers a turnkey Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). With this solution, the API's of the IONOS Cloud for automating processes are already integrated. With oneclick™ virtual machines or software can be easily provided via the web.

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Desktop as a Service
Application automation

The oneclick™ platform automates the provisioning of customized cloud-based desktops for employees, eliminating the need for specialized expertise. This solution allows virtual machines of any size to be created and securely delivered to users in real time. Additionally, clients can choose which operating system should be used.

Desk Booking System
CGI Door James

Smart Office is a workplace management solution that enables carbon-neutral management of workplaces. With its award-winning booking platform, CGI Door James, users can easily and securely coordinate working times and spaces in their offices.

Communication & Collaboration Suite
VNClagoon Suite

VNClagoon is an integrated workplace product suite that enables secure communication and collaboration. In addition to a full suite package, VNClagoon can be used modularly, with the possibility to select individual products. With VNClagoon, users can work in a privacy-compliant manner and maintain their digital sovereignty.

Machine learning

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Automated data management

codecentric is an IT consultancy and service provider for agile software development with 16 locations. They specialize in SHERLOQ, an AI-powered solution for automating customer communication using a combination of AI framework and workflow platform.

Internet of Things

Customer Portal
OEM Machine Hub

OEM Machine Hub is more than just a shop floor solution. Functioning as a data hub and collaborative customer portal, it serves as a central platform for machine builders.

Data Products

Data Analytics
Intelligent Process Transformation

"Intelligent Process Transformation" is a business accelerator that helps clients efficiently and effectively digitize their current processes on the sovereign IONOS cloud platform. By utilizing process mining for in-depth analysis, transparent process steps are identified and optimised using advanced technologies and techniques. These sovereign solutions utilise predefined and reusable components from the areas of big data and analytics, such as natural language processing, robotic process automation, machine learning, and geoanalytics (GIS).

Data Services

Information Management Platform
CGI DigitalRadar

CGI DigitalRadar is an information management platform designed for public administration. It consolidates, collaboratively processes, and continuously evaluates various types of data and information. This platform supports decision-making processes, digitisation strategies, PMO/board reporting, project and portfolio monitoring, and change and innovation management.

Managed Services

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Full Service Offering
Individual Managed Service Offering

SVA is one of the leading IT service providers in Germany. Alongside providing ready-made cloud solutions, SVA professionals also provide assistance in areas such as cloud and IT security, agile IT and software development solutions, digital processing and big data analytics.

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Full Service Offering
Individual Managed Service Offering

BORGWARE is a full-service provider for sophisticated IT solutions built on a strong foundation. BORGWARE provides competent, reliable, and personalized customer support, from planning and setup to customized service offerings. Their cutting-edge, tailored IT solutions meet a range of IT needs.

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Full Service Offering
Individual Managed Service Offering

Continuum Performance provides customized support for servers and applications, assisting companies, agencies, and retailers in digitalizing their business processes. Their services prioritize security, availability, and exceptional scalability to ensure optimal performance.

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Cloud Infrastructure
Managed Cloud Infrastructure

InterConnect specialises in IT infrastructure, providing expertise in consulting, project support, and complete IT support. Their services are tailored to the unique needs of each client and are available from a single source, with a dedicated personal contact.

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Cloud Infrastructure
Managed Cloud Infrastructure

NetPlans is a managed service provider that specializes in innovative cloud solutions, including their own business cloud. In partnership with IONOS, NetPlans offers customers an ideal environment for their unique needs, whether they require their own deployment, are building a multi-cloud strategy, or are seeking a georedundant cloud architecture.

Cloud Infrastructure
Smart Workspace

Traut Bürokommunikation specializes in managing all IT-based tasks related to medium-sized workplaces. Their Smart Workspace offering is a cloud infrastructure that is customised to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Full Service Offering
Individual Managed Service Offering

Bürosysteme Irrgang & Lange GmbH & CO. Vertriebs KG (BSIL) provides its cloud customers with customised and transparent MSP solutions for telephony, servers, IT security, network architecture, and workplace management. Their primary focus is on developing solutions that not only meet their customers’ requirements and preferences but also centre usability and security.

Full Service Offering
Individual Managed Service Offering

As a leading full-service information and telecommunications provider, Fujitsu supports its customers in all aspects of digital transformation. To accomplish this, the company combines IT services and products with cutting-edge digital technologies in the IONOS Cloud platform. Their products and services can be tailored to individual needs, including the design, implementation, and operation of digital ecosystems.

Full Service Offering
Individual Managed Service Offering

eXXcellent solutions is a software development company that specializes in creating customized cloud applications. They provide end-to-end services, including business consulting, maintenance, and application operation. eXXcellent solutions utilizes IONOS managed services (including managed Kubernetes, managed Stackable, managed Database, and the Private Container Registry) to deliver stable, high-performance application landscapes that easily scale and are compliant with the European GDPR.

Managed VPN

PLUSTECH offers a VPN service that enables IONOS Cloud workloads to be connected seamlessly to any on-premise or cloud environment, regardless of the technology or manufacturer being used. This service allows for smooth migrations to IONOS Cloud as well as seamless connections to existing database and application systems. Additionally, PLUSTECH provides maintenance, support, and security patches for site connections.

Monitoring Service
PLUSTECH 24/7 Monitoring-Service

24/7 Monitoring-Service: PLUSTECH provides a 24/7 monitoring service to its customers, which includes monitoring both the infrastructure and applications that are hosted on IONOS Cloud. Should an issue arise, they notify their customer’s teams and provide problem resolution support if requested.

Full Service Offering
Individual Managed Service Offering

Modern business infrastructures come with enormous demands and are often complex and intricate in nature. The focus is no longer solely on enhancing capacity and performance. Today, business infrastructures also need to be able to handle data with a high level of flexibility, be it within IONOS Cloud or through hybrid alternatives. Axians has everything that thriving companies need for their infrastructure demands: customised software solutions, pioneering managed services, and a range of infrastructure alternatives.

Professional Services

Individual Cloud Services
Cloud Services

MDSystec is a full-service IT provider that is ISO-certified. They offer a range of individually tailored cloud solutions, such as Citrix as a Service, which is hosted by IONOS. Customer-specific solutions can be implemented in both IONOS Public Cloud and IONOS Private Cloud.

Optimization Service
PLUSTECH Trusted Advisor Angebot

PLUSTECH offers a Trusted Advisor service to help clients improve their IONOS environment and assess the feasibility of new projects. PLUSTECH analyzes the environment and third-party software, identifies potential areas for optimization, and implements any necessary changes. The service is provided in workshop format or as a long-term partnership and covers technical details in depth.

Individual Cloud Services
Cloud Services

Systemhaus Ulm provides personalized and reliable IT infrastructure support. They believe that the future of modern work lies in the cloud, which offers versatile and flexible application possibilities. The company provides automated online backups to create redundancy in case of on-site data failure. Additionally, their complete support of IT landscapes includes proactive detection and resolution of problems and threats before they arise.