Data sovereignty

Big data manage­ment with the IONOS Cloud platform

Open standards for different scenarios and architectures with open source software, robust data protection and no vendor lock-in.

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Big Data

Scalable big data solutions from IONOS Cloud

If you save heterogeneous raw data from various sources using a data lake and want to edit it in real time or in batch processes, big data technologies from IONOS Cloud are the right choice.

From event streaming services to business intelligence applications, IONOS Cloud can provide you with a high-performance big data platform that enables the secure use of your data, and keeps you in control.

Big Data

Big data infrastructure as code (IaC)

Your big data solutions are available as infrastructure as code (IaC). With IONOS Cloud, you can deploy and manage your individual platform automatically using software — eliminating the need for time-consuming manual configuration.

GDPR compliant platform

IONOS Cloud and technology partner Stackable offer a big data platform based on open-source software. Stackable orchestrates your big data applications securely and in full compliance with data protection laws like the EU's GDPR, and you're never locked in.

Custom big data solutions

Skilled IONOS Cloud partners will help you design tailored big data solutions. Whether you need support with setup and implementation or a fully managed platform, our experts are here to save you time.

Big data use cases

Use case

Big data tech for business intelligence

Business processes produce lots of data. Use Apache Spark to process large data records, gain insights, and create models for machine learning. Apache Superset and Apache Trino allow you to drill in and visualize your data or integrate it in your existing BI tools. Create data marts to enable your business units to access relevant data.

Use case

Event-driven applications

With IONOS Cloud, you can create a modern, scalable platform for your event-driven applications. Apache NiFi orchestrates your data flows and Apache Kafka saves message-oriented data streams. Apache Druid analyzes your streaming data, while IONOS Cloud S3 Object Storage ensures long-term storage in your operative data warehouse.

Tailored support for your big data projects


Custom big data projects with IONOS Cloud

IONOS Cloud works with cloud-native partners to provide you with targeted support in all phases of your big data project, from the strategy and analysis, to the design, implementation, operation and further development of your custom solution. The focus is on optimizing digital and data-driven business processes and customer and supplier relationships.

Big Data process

Big data solutions using proven reference architectures

Experienced IONOS Cloud partners such as b.telligent & codecentric develop big data solutions for an extensive range of use cases like data engineering, data science, and business intelligence. The draft is compiled on the basis of proven reference architectures. When possible, cloud-native and cloud managed services are used.

Big Data Partner
Data sovereignty

Full control of your data and platform with IONOS Cloud

Provide data and services in a private or public cloud or in the managed Kubernetes service of IONOS Cloud. Open standards guarantee full data and platform sovereignty and fulfill all legal requirements. The data is stored in the cost-effective IONOS S3 Object Storage. We provide the required data platform via our technology partner Stackable. It enables service orchestration with maximum flexibility.


Scale data architecture to meet demand

Set up a secure and scalable data platform with your favorite open-source tool. Whether you need an on-premises solution with sporadic workloads in the cloud or a complete cloud migration — IONOS Cloud will provide you with the tools that you need.

Data lakes and persistent memory

Set up a data lake to save, query, combine, and assess data for data analysis. Our partners are here to support you during the entire process, including business analyses visualization.

Streaming and event-driven applications

Industrial procedures, logistics, or the hosting of a mobile game all create event-driven data. With IONOS Cloud, you can set up a big data platform that collects, saves, processes, and visualizes this data and immediately provides insight for extended use.

Automatic data analysis with IaC

Automate and version you data infrastructure with infrastructure as code. You can even set up you own custom cloud architecture using the IONOS Cloud Data Center Designer.

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