Cloud Migration with IONOS

The Hypervisor alternative

  • Great price-to-performance ratio with no virtualization costs
  • Migration assistance from IONOS Cloud experts included
  • No vendor lock-in & open source based
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Cloud migration, easy and free with IONOS

We are happy to support you with your migration to the IONOS Cloud free of charge. Our cloud experts will analyze your needs, offer individual advice and connect you with our top migration partners if needed. The IONOS Technical Consultants and Cloud Solutions Architects will support you throughout the entire migration process.

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Definition of dependencies, adaptation of target systems

With tools such as Hystax Acura, you can easily migrate the image format of your virtualization environment to the image format of the IONOS Cloud. You replicate your data in advance, define dependencies, adapt the resources (CPU and RAM) of the target systems and migrate networks and IP addresses.

Simple migration via lift-and-shift

Easily migrate your on-premise systems or complete virtualization environments to your virtual data center in the IONOS Cloud using the lift-and-shift method.

Work productively in a few moments

Test your systems thoroughly before the switch. Adjust if needed. Activate your new cloud environment only when smooth operation is ensured, with minimal interruption and quickly.


Great price-to-performance ratio

Boost your system's power without adding complexity with the IONOS Cloud. Your cloud setup mirrors your on-premise one, avoiding restrictive cloud-specific changes. Plus, save up to 25% on IONOS vCPU servers compared to industry alternatives.

Migration rebate up to $5000

Get up to a $5000 rebate and free guidance from IONOS Cloud Experts during your migration. They'll support you every step of the way and beyond, setting a solid foundation for growth. Plus, enjoy special terms with our migration partners, all at no extra charge.

No vendor lock-in & open source based

Migrate your systems to the IONOS Cloud, powered by our unique IaaS technology built on open source. No matter how complex your apps are, even with 100 VMs or more, you keep complete control over your IT infrastructure.

Highest security standards

Trust in our commitment to your data's security. With ISO 27001 certification, we adhere to the highest standards of data protection, ensuring your information is always safe and sound. Your privacy is our priority, every step of the way.

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Great price-to-performance ratio, stable price

The transparent pricing model of the IONOS Cloud is based on per-minute billing and offers you complete cost control. This means you only ever pay for the resources you actually use.

Use the dynamic price calculator to determine the costs according to your specific requirements and conditions in the production environment.

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