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Buchanan Computing slashes application maintenance time by 75%

Buchanan Computing is the company behind Traffweb, an online mapping application that makes it easy for local authorities and police to build online portals based on highways data. For nine years it ran on IONOS dedicated servers. However, as the solution became more complex and its user base grew, onboarding new clients and application maintenance were consuming more and more developer time. Buchanan Computing changed the application architecture to use containers and deployed it on IONOS Cloud Managed Kubernetes. The time to onboard new clients fell from days to hours, and developers have been freed of 75% of the time they were spending on maintenance to work on higher-value projects.

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"I hope that our clients will use the systems more and more. We know we can use the scalability in IONOS Cloud Managed Kubernetes to meet their expectations. We won’t have to scurry around building new servers just to try to keep ahead of everyone. We’ll also be able to develop more sophisticated products because we’ll be able to spend more time on development, and it’s much easier to deploy. We expect the developer cycle for the web application to accelerate.”

Robin Morrison, Director — Technical Development, Buchanan

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