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Success Story – DevOps

Pioneering mobility with an agile IT team

How digital business models benefit from managed DevOps services in the public cloud

Agility and DevOps are frequently cited buzzwords that are associated with great expectations. The collaboration between the startup myDriver — the limousine service venture by Sixt SE — and the service providers IONOS Cloud and Centrias Colocation demonstrates how these two methods are implemented in practice.

Startups frequently prefer a lean approach to IT provisioning: As little IT as possible to avoid wasting resources that would be better invested in product development. Cloud computing offers the perfect solution, and myDriver picked IONOS Cloud as its infrastructure provider. The individual IT components run in data centers operated by the cloud specialist from Berlin.

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German document about agile IT teams

“The simple configuration of the servers and development systems were particularly convincing for us.”

Thomas Reis CTO von myDriver

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