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Cloud Computing
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Scalability & Efficiency

Terravesta grows better crops and a better business with IONOS Cloud

Terravesta was founded in 2011 to help the UK meet its energy needs with a secure and futureproof supply of high quality, sustainable, homegrown biomass sources. Today, Terravesta helps hundreds of UK growers successfully farm crops of miscanthus, a carbon-negative perennial grass used as a biomass fuel source by large energy providers.

Terravesta chose to move its high-volume image processing application to the IONOS Cloud, so it could analyze high-density drone imagery quickly, easily, and cost-effectively, and deliver time-sensitive support to its growers. Terravesta also plans to work with IONOS to develop new, AI-based analysis systems.

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IONOS Cloud success story snippet featuring Terravista
"One of the challenges with AWS was how complicated it was to set up and manage — it’s not easy to pick up and learn. But the IONOS Data Center Designer tool is incredibly clear. I was able to quickly log on, drag a server in, connect up the dots. Anyone can do it — which is really useful in a smaller company with people who aren’t very technical.”
Michael Squance, Science & Technology Director, Terravesta
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